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Guatemalan Skirt

Price: $425.00
Era: 1960's
Origin: Chichicastenango, Department of Quiche, Guatemala
Artist: unknown
Condition: very good
Material: cotton, metallic gold thread, mercerized cotton
Dimensions: 53in x 29in x 1in

This beautiful skirt was woven on a foot-powered treadle loom and then joined at weft ends to form a tube. The wearer steps into the tube, folding and wrapping excess cloth around her hips.  A belt stabilizes the corte at the waist.  The skirt has many stripes in different colors divided by ikat bands joined with the decorative embroidery finished on both sides called a randa.   Metallic lurex thread the color of gold is embroidered onto the randa in a diamond and triangular pattern set between two lines going down the length of the randa. This skirt was made in the early 1960's.    


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