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Mixe Huipil

Price: $2,200.00
Origin: San Juan Cotzocon, Oaxaca
Artist: unknown
Material: Egyptian cotton
Dimensions: 42in x 32in x 1in

Plain and gauze weave Egyptian cotton with brocade on parts of a two-color cotton background (grey and hot pink) woven on a backstrap loom in three webs. The Mixe (indigenous group) women in this village weave these contemporary huipiles using the same techniques and symbols that have been used for generations. This weave is quite interesting because the warp threads are in one color and the weft threads in another giving it a shimmering combination of colors.

The huipil has beautifully brocaded mythological symbols: the double headed eagle (representing the sun and the moon), human figures, a hummingbird (communicator between heaven and earth), the dog( guide to the underworld), and stars in the sky.

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