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Terms & Conditions

Before your purchase from LaCalaca.com is finalized, we would first like to thank you for your interest in the pieces being showcased and sold on the site and to ensure that you understand exactly what it is you are investing in.  The majority of our inventory features handmade works that span centuries of Latin American folk art.  Much of what we offer was not intended for retail and may have endured a great deal of wear that is consistent with the age of the piece and its importance to the family that initially possessed it.  We have taken a great deal of time to account for any prior wear and damage with high resolution photos from every angle and descriptions of each individual item that adequately inform the purchaser of the piece's exact condition at the time of shipping.  

For these reasons we will not accept returns for any prior damage that was documented on the site.  If you have any questions regarding the condition of a specific piece, please contact us prior to making the purchase.  You can expect a speedy response and it would save you the expense of feeling dissatisfied with what you have received.    

Credit Card Transactions:

Your credit card will be charged exclusively for quittance of the products that are in your shopping cart at the moment of the transaction.  If there are any questions regarding the amount billed to you, first contact your bank and we will respond to any further enquiries.  Any purchases that do not go through at the time of billing will be immediately terminated and the product will not be shipped.  Please ensure that all of your shipping and billing information is correct before finalizing your purchase.  

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Items damaged during shipping :

Inspect your item immediately upon delivery.  If you feel that your item may have been damaged during shipping, do not immediately return the item to us.  First, follow the 'Contact Us' link from any page on the site and fill out the inquiry form, making sure to detail any and all damage that is inconsistent with how the item is represented on the site.  

We care a great deal about each piece being sold at LaCalaca.com and want to ensure that it makes its way to you in the exact condition that we received it in ourselves.  Each item is packed with protective materials and is insured so that any damage incurred during shipping is fully covered.  

What to do in the event that your package is lost in route: 

Our packages are promptly shipped as soon as the purchase and payment are finalized and should arrive in 7-10 working days (international customers, please account for additional shipping time).  Although it is very uncommon, in the event that your package has not arrived in the specified amount of time, please utilize the provided tracking number on the FedEx website or contact your local FedEx branch to determine whether there was an error during shipping and when you can be expecting the delivery your purchase.

If it is determined that your package is irretrievably lost, we sincerely apologize in advance.  The package is insured for your full reimbursement.  

Warranty Info:

Many of the items sold by LaCalaca.com are used, hand made, and inherently imperfect.  La Calaca does not provide any warranties, either expressed or implied.  The customer acknowledges the condition of their purchase(s) as it is represented on the site and agrees to the understanding that wear, damage, and small flaws are part of the nature and charm of these unique and wonderful pieces.   

By checking the box provided at the time of purchase, you are agreeing to all TERMS AND CONDITIONS as stated above.  If you have questions pertaining to any of the above information, please contact LaCalaca.com before making your purchase.  These terms are binding after the purchase is finalized and can be accessed at any time by clicking the 'Terms and Conditions' link at the bottom of any page on the site.  

Thank you for shopping with us!  We would love to hear any feedback regarding your experience with us.  

LaCalaca is a Mexican Folk Art consignment firm dedicated to providing you with excellent service and a wide variety of authentic Mexican and Latin American artwork including tapestries, scultptures, paintings, antiques, etc...