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Teodora Blanco Doll With Bull

Price: $850.00
Origin: Santa Maria Atzompa
Artist: Teodora Blanco
Material: terracotta
Dimensions: 18in x 9in x 6in

This figure is made of unglazed terracotta and features a woman holding two animals, one under each arm, and has a third animal nesting in her hair. The animal resting in her nest of hair resembles a bull and has horns. Teodora Blanco, the figure's sculptor, used the pastillaje technique to adorn the figure's huipil with flowers. There are also flowers in the braided hair.

Teodora Blanco (1928-1980) was one of the top figural ceramists in Mexico and pioneered a type of decoration called "pastillaje" which became her trademark. "Pastillaje" is a form of clay applique surface decoration added to a basic form which resembles embroidery that was seen by Teodora in the nearby villages. This embroidered clay technique has been adapted by many of the potters in the village of Atzompa. Teodora was best known for her imaginative large hollow women or "muñecas" which were based on the large water coolers called "tinajeras" made on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.  Many of these muñecas were decorated with the embroidered clay designs plus "naguales" teeming over all of the doll.  She also made charming nativities, musicians, animals and other antropomorphic figures all embossed with flowers, leaves, vines and animals.  Her main inspiration came from the folklore of the indigenous cultures of Oaxaca. 

One of the smaller animals has a broken ear. The condition of this Teodora Blanco piece is evidenced by the photos.

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