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Retablo of St. Francis of Paola

Price: $750.00
Era: 19th century
Origin: Mexico
Artist: unknown
Condition: good
Material: tinplate, oil paint
Dimensions: 14in x 10in x 0in

St. Francis was the founder of the Minim Friars and was known for his many miracles.  He is depicted here wearing a dark brown habit tied at the waist by a Franciscan rope. He is an elder with a white beard and wears a hood.  A rosary is in his left hand and a shepherd's staff  with a curved end in his right hand.  In the upper corner to the left are the words "Caridad de Dios" surrounded by flames meaning Charity of God, the motto for the Minims.  The surrealistic foreground and background make this retablo even more interesting as a painting. There is paint missing on the three corners of the retablo and some paint missing on his chest.  Invoked for protection against flames, shipwreck and childlessness.  This is a nineteenth century piece.

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