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Antique Wooden Photo-Sculpture of Couple

Price: $260.00
Origin: Mexico
Artist: unknown
Material: wood, paint, photo
Dimensions: 14in x 12in x 3in

The piece offered here exemplifies a technique called photo-sculpture that began in Mexico City in the 1930s.  They were commissioned by Mexican and Mexican American families to celebrate significant events such as weddings and quinceañeras or to memorialize the dead and honor individuals.  The photo-sculpture tradition is secular but it would be common to find them displayed on home altars. 

These three dimensional images incorporate photography, painting and sculpture.  The process would begin with printing a photo of the celebrated individual and adhering it to a wooden bust support.  Each photo would then have unique accents in paint and assemblage added: various hair, jewelry, and clothing details would thusly be given a three-dimensional effect.  Though the design and construction were dictated by the necessities of easy mass production, each photo-sculpture is truly unique.

This photosculpture features a man and woman, whose headshot has been attached to a wooden carving. The frame is made of wood, and has signs of wear and the orginal glass that served as the front and back panels are missing. The man is wearing a dark blue blazer, every fold of which has been detailed first with delicate shaping of the wood, and then colored with paint. He is wearing a white shirt and has a handkerchief in his front pocket. His wife is wearing a light blue blouse with a floral pattern.


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