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Paper-Mache Alebrije by Pedro Linares

Price: $1,000.00
Origin: Mexico City, D.F.
Artist: Pedro Linares
Material: paper maché, paint
Dimensions: 31in x 20in x 16in

Created by the famed Linares family of Mexico City, masters of cartoneria, this demonic sculpture was formed using paper mache.  For this process, a wire or reed armature is formed in a desired shape and then covered in scrap paper and glue. Once dried, fanciful patterns of bright colors are applied with aniline dyes or oil-based paints.  These surreal monster sculptures known as alebrijes, are the unique vision of Pedro Linares and their production has been passed down to family members Enrique, Felipe, Miguel, Leonardo, David, and Ricardo.  Said to be the product of a fever dream, the alebrijes are mystical creatures akin to the dragon or a winged serpent. 

The alebrije offered here stands with wings spread, clawed arms raised, and fangs and tongue protruding from an open mouth. Predominantly red, orange, and ochre in color; line work detail is in black. The piece is free-standing, utilizing a long bent tail as support.  

Alebrijes such as this were first produced in the 1950s and continue to be made today. There is slight damage to a claw on the left foot. Otherwise, the piece is in excellent condition.

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