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Zapotec Huipil from Tehuantepec, Mexico

Price: $395.00
Era: last half of 20th century
Origin: Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca
Artist: unknown
Condition: excellent
Material: velvet, cotton thread
Dimensions: 22in x 20in x 1in

The "juchitecas"  like the "tehuanas" live on the Istmus of Tehuantepec and are from the Zapotec indigenous group. These women are known for their beautiful native costumes comprized of a short huipil and wide skirt with lace flounces, machine embroidered in a chain stitched filigreed pattern or hand embroidered in floral designs. The chain stitching, called cadenilla, is a laborious process of weaving with a machine a solid pattern by crisscrossing superimposed lines of chain stitch in elaborate and usually geometric designs. This huipil combines the geometric with the floral and is done in the traditional colors of lemon-yellow and black with hand embroidered flowers in various colors.  Each cadenilla design has it's own name.  Last half of the twentieth century.     

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