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Vintage Lacquerware Tray
In Pre-Columbian cultures there were very few furnishings in the adobe huts except for the baskets and cooking and storage pots and petates or reed mats which were placed on the floors for sleeping.  Only the elite had furniture such as the icpalli or equipale chairs still being made today and some other very simple pieces that could be joined and tied together with deer hide straps.  There were none of the tools necessary for the elaboration of these basic household pieces until the Europeans introduced joinery and furniture making into the Americas.  With the many different woods found on the new continent and the many talented artisans, woodworking became one of the most important expressions of the decorative arts. Islamic, Spanish baroque and indigeneous influences, as well as the geographical area and the period in which they were manufactured, can be seen in these objects.   The economic and social status of the users also determined the shapes, designs and decorations.  Folk furniture in rural areas was simple and humble in form and made in the home with just an adze and a handsaw.  Created from the nearest available materials, cupboards called alacenas, trasteros for dishes, chests, tables and benches made up the majority of the rural furniture and displayed the more indigeneous influences. Fabricated in urban workshops by traditional woodworkers, lavishly rich pieces using carving, gilding, architectural designs with columns and pediments and inlays of bone and different woods were influenced more by Islam and the Spanish Baroque.  Wardrobes, trunks, chests, desks called secretaries, beds, chairs, cabinets for plates and glasses plus kitchen racks were the most produced in the urban centers. Other auxiliary items made for the home are included in our furnishings section.
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