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Silver Leafed Lacquerware Gourd

Price: $1,950.00
Era: 2008
Origin: Olinala, Guerrero, Mexico
Artist: Francisco Coronel
Condition: excellent
Material: gourd, silver-leaf, paint, aje and chia oil
Dimensions: 14in x 7in x 7in

Gold leaf and silver leaf lacquerware pieces were made in pre-Columbian times to pay tribute. As a result these men were called "los doradores"(the gilders). Francisco Coronel has revived this technique and inspired many other lacquerware artisans to do the same. The gourd is silver leafed with stylized birds and floral motifs handpainted overall. Inside the gourd is painted black. Coronel is considered one of the Grand Masters of Mexican Folk Art and like so many of the Grand Masters, he began to learn his trade at the age of 7. Signed by the artist. Dated 2008. "Chico" Coronel has a piece in the collection of Queen Elizabeth II.

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