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Lacquerware Tray by Martina Navarro

Price: $1,945.00
Era: contemporary
Origin: Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico
Artist: Martina Navarro
Condition: excellent
Material: wood, powdered pigments, aje, chia oil and dolomite
Dimensions: 29in x 28in x 4in

This inlaid and encrusted lacquerware technique is the traditional technique used in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico.  The design is cut out on the black lacquered surface with an engraver´s tool then filled with size and dye.  But, only one color a day can be added into the incised design, layer by layer, as each layer has to dry completely.  The sisa is added to the tray and then it is rubbed with a linen cloth.  This contemporary batea by Martina Navarro has a black background, a red border and floral and foliate designs incised around the tray with floral and foliate designs within an encised circle in the platter´s center.  The production of lacquer in this city is now very small.  Signed by Martina Navarro on the back.      

The lacquerware tradition in Mexico predates the arrival of the Spaniards by about 2000 years.  Its production of lacquered gourd vessels, furniture and wooden objects continued in central and southern Mexico in the Colonial era combining the techniques and designs of both the indigenous peoples and their European conquerers.  Many pieces were produced for Europen markets.  While others were made as gifts for visiting dignitaries and diplomats or commisioned by wealthy colonists. This insured the survival of this important folk art in the remaining lacquerware centers of Patzcuaro, Quiroga and Uruapan in Michoacan, Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas and Olinala,Guerrero.


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