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Saint with Book
St Ignacio Lithograph in Poly-chromed Tin Nicho
St. Anthony and Christ Child
St. John in Antique Tin Nicho
Stations of the Cross
The Christ Child of Prague
The Christ of Labors
The Holy Child of Atocha in Tin Nicho
The Holy Family
The Miraculous St. Michael and the Virgin of Guadalupe
The Omnipotent Powerful Hand
The Virgin Mary
Art, in the service of religion, became the major vehicle of the Roman Catholic Church for the evangelization and the conversion of the native populations in the Americas.  Religious images and prints were brought from Europe during the Conquest  and were reproduced by untrained artists, extending the devotional fervor that was found in the Pre-Colombian cultures. This devotional  fervor was very apparent in the religious folk art of nineteenth century Mexico which resulted from the political unrest and reform governments trying to separate Church and State. Religious practices were eventuallly forced to be moved from the Church to the home.  Home altars for private devotion were usually located in the main living area or in the bedrooms. Popular religious beliefs were expressed through retablos, nichos, sculptures (of angels, saints, virgins and Christs), prints, chromolithographs, crucifixes and religious cards collected at the different pilgrimage sites.  Offerings of prayers, sacrifices, flowers, food and candles complete this sacred space.  This artistic tradition continues to this day with many images passed down from generation to generation.  Another type of devotional  art is the ex-voto which is painted on tin and the milagro also termed an ex-voto which are left in the pilgrimage churches in thanks for an answered prayer or a blessing received. This tradition has changed and has almost disappeared.   Dances and festivals, which are forms of devotional behavior, reenact important religious dramas and  pieces created for use in these ceremonies are considered devotional art as well.
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