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Black Christ in Nicho

Price: $1,195.00
Era: late 19th - early 20th century
Origin: Oaxaca, Oaxaca
Artist: unknown
Condition: excellent
Material: wood, paper, glass, textile, tin
Dimensions: 27in x 14in x 7in

This wooden nicho was used in a home altar for private devotion.  The Black Christ is carved from wood and wears a tin crown with decorative glass beads and an elaborate loincloth.  Brightly-colored tin foil flowers are packed thickly into the backdrop that surrounds the crucified figure.  The inside back of the nicho and the inside surface of its doors are lined with several layers of household wallpaper, added to the piece by the family who commissioned or originally acquired it.  

Although intact with its original hinges and crude wire hasp, the finish on the exterior of this unusually large nicho shows signs of having been rather crudely cleaned.  However, these marks only contribute to the sense that the piece has been dearly loved and has survived a difficult, rural domestic environment.  The face glazing is not original.

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