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Black Christ of Esquipulas

Price: $3,125.00
Era: late 19th century
Origin: Oaxaca, Oaxaca
Artist: unknown
Condition: good
Material: wood, wallpaper, textile, tin, paper
Dimensions: 38in x 20in x 8in

The darker skin tone of the Black Christ, as he is referred to, enabled the indigenous people of Mexico and Central America to more closely identify with the sacrificed figure.  He is named ‘Nuestro Señor de Esquipulas´ for an indigenous village in Guatemala where his image has been venerated in this form since the sixteenth century.

He is crucified on a simple brown cross, head inclined to the right, wearing a tin crown on his head, a loincloth around his waist, and a gold metal chain around his neck.  Above him, framed in the corona of the nicho, is the religious stamp depicting Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows. 

Dried flowers lie at the foot of the Christ and correspond nicely with the floral wallpaper that covers the background, sides, and doors of the nicho. This piece was most likely purchased by a wealthier family and then taken on a pilgrimage to Guatemala to have the image blessed.  It would then have been returned to their hacienda chapel or the chapel in a large home.  There is some damage to the wallpaper on the right side of the nicho. The face glazing is not original.

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