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Platter with Naguales

Price: $1,245.00
Era: 2008
Origin: Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico
Artist: Salvador Vazquez Carmona
Condition: excellent
Dimensions: 22in x 22in x 2in

Burnished ceramic platter with gold over-painting.  The artist, Salvador Vazquez Carmona, is one of the Grand Masters of Mexican Folk Art.  As with many of the Grand Masters he began working with his material at a very young age.  He later apprenticed with Jorge Wilmot, a well-known Tonalá potter, where he developed this distinctive style of bold design and color. The naguales depicted on the platter are one of the artistic traditions of the potters in this region.  The nagual has an animal´s body with a human face and possesses both good and evil aspects. He is your animal protective spirit or the trickster that disrupts your life.  The plate has five naguales around the rim with a large nagual in the center.  In the background are floral and dotted designs.  Made in 2008.  Burnished ware has been made since pre-Columbian times.  Once the platter has been slipped and brush painted, the artist rubs the surface with a piece of pyrite giving it its shine.  After the burnishing, the piece is fired once.    

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