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Cross of Souls

Price: $2,595.00
Era: 19th century
Origin: Queretaro or Guanajuato, Mexico
Artist: unknown
Condition: good
Material: polychromed wood
Dimensions: 16in x 9in x 3in

Crosses of this variety were customarily only made in the states of Queretaro or Guanajuato, throughout the early 19th century, for private devotion.  Carved out of wood and painted in a traditional style on a black background, the piece offered here features a dove which is the Christian symbol for the Holy Ghost, the initials INRI which mean Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews and the crucified Christ in the center.  Above his arms are the sun and the moon which meant that all of the world knew of his crucifxion.  A skull and crossbones representing Adam´s own skull and Golgotha and Our Lady of Sorrows lie at the feet of the crucified Christ.  Underneath the Dolorosa are the painted images of St. Michael and a scene from the Garden of Eden with the Tree of Knowledge.  Across the front on each side of Adam and Eve are the souls in purgatory surrounded with red and yellow flames  The top tier of the cross at one time had the Heavenly Father which has been lost throughout the rich history of this piece.  Also missing on the top surface or ledge of the base of the cross are two additional carved wooden figures representing souls.

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