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Sabarius Mask

Price: $675.00
Era: contemporary
Origin: Highlands of Puebla, Mexico
Artist: unknown
Condition: excellent
Material: wood, fabric, ribbon, colored foil paper, feather, plastic, paint
Dimensions: 44in x 10in x 4in

Sabarius is a character in the dance drama of St. James, a part of the cycle of the Moors and the Christians. Combat dances were introduced into Mexico after the conquest as a means of converting the indigenous people to Christianity. Sabarius is a companion to Pontius Pilate (the Moors) who, in mock battle, fight St. James with a wooden machete or sword.  St. James is the conquering saint of Mexico and this dance was reinterpreted as a conflict between the indigenous people and their conquerors.  St. James triumphs over them, converting the heathens to Christianity.

This Sabarius mask is wearing a conical hat with its origins in prehispanic times and a white cloth that represents his beard. Traditionally carved and painted red in this area, the mask is about 10 years old and comes with a custom made base to display the piece.

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