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Dance of the Conquest Mask

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Origin: Totonicapan, District of Totonicapan, Guatemala
Artist: unknown
Material: wood, glass eyes, paint
Dimensions: 8in x 7in x 2in

Performed throughout Latin America, the Dance of the Conquest has its origins in the Dance of the Moors and the Christians and in the conquest of America. At one time, these dances were used as a tool for the evangelization of the people. But with the passage of time these mock battles between the infidels (indigenous people) and the Christians has become a vital communal expression of the people and their traditions. Important personages such as the Mayan king and their conqueror are the main characters. At the end of the dance the conquerors triumph. The mask has very fine Spanish features, glass eyes, curly hair and two gold teeth. Custom made stand for display included. Mid-twentieth century.

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