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Antique Pastorela Devil Mask with Serpent

Price: $500.00
Origin: Mexico
Artist: unknown
Material: wood, paint, goat horns
Dimensions: 20in x 13in x 8in

This is a great Mexican devil mask and such a wonderful find. It will be a shame to see it sell and go to another loving home. This mask was collected in the 70's and is a fine example of masterful craftsmanship. This devil mask has the horns of a goat and a very menacing demeanor. The forehead is jutted out and the lips are pulled back to reveal rows of sharp teeth. The mask's face is made of one piece of wood, including the snake that is slithering around the devil's face. The horns are real and have been skillfully attached.

This mask was likely used in pastorela dances as the character depicting the devil. There is evidence of wear on the mask consistent with its use in ceremonial dance and festivity almost half a century ago. 

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