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Ceremonial & Decorative

Candelario Medrano Church with Two-Steeples
Candelario Medrano Dance Hall - Very Unique
Carnival Rifle
Carved Wooden Rabbit
Casserole Dish
Ceramic Boat by Rocendo Rodriguez
Ceramic Grape Mold
Ceramic Rooster by the Ortega Family
Dance of the Conquest Mask
Decorative Wall Fabric
Doll Mold Pieces
Doll with Deer by Teodora Blanco
Our Ceremonial and Decorative section represents the most diverse and largest in number of our offered selections.  Derived from the folk art traditions of the various distinct Latin American cultures, many of the objects you will find here once had a utilitarian purpose, while others were simply decorative and still others ceremonial.   Today they are highly sought after collector´s items for the home.  The objects presented here can be divided into the following categories:  lacquerware, ceramics, glassware, mayolica or talavera, tin, wood carvings and masks.  Many of the pieces were created by families that lived in a village where everyone was involved in the production of a specific type of folk art.  While others were created in the highly personalized style of an individual folk artist such as those pieces made by Candelario Medrano or Teadora Blanco.  Both folk artists drew subconsciously on their indigeneous pasts and lived in pottery producing villages.   Then their families or other people in the village would learn those visual characteristics and carry on their traditional forms.  These pieces are highly collectible as reflected in their pricing.  One of our most prized treasures is an extensive collection of Oaxacan Mezcalero bottles which are produced in molds in the shapes of monkeys and painted in bright colors.  The ceremonial masks at one time had social and cultural significance for the wearer/dancer of the mask establishing a powerful communication with his community and his deities.  This votive behavior was usually a sacred pledge in thanks for a saint´s intercession for health and healing or any other problem that presented itself in life.  The bold imagery of the masks make them decorative as well as collectible.  Other ceremonial objects are the tin wings used for the morality plays, the lacquerware pieces to make offerings and the tree of life candelabra which were originally made as marriage gifts.     
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