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Antique Carnival Rifle

Price: $1,200.00
Era: early 20th century
Origin: Huejotzingo, Puebla, Mexico
Artist: unknown
Condition: excellent
Dimensions: 48in x 5in x 2in

This carnival rifle was used in one of the most elaborate pre-Lenten Carnival dances. Carnival is the last big celebration before Lent which requires forty days of abstinence. Performed in the village of Huejotzingo in the state of Puebla it combines historical and religious events with local legend. There are about one thousand participants in the dance with five different groups doing mock battle. One of the story lines involves the character Agustin Lorenzo, a famous bandit who runs off with the daughter of the hacendado or the wealthy landowner. These rifles were fired off throughout the battle until Lorenzo is killed. The butt of the gun has a monster/dog head with vestiges of green paint at one end with carvings down the barrel of the gun and stones interspaced down the back. The contemporary gun stocks do not have these beautiful carvings.  Custom made stand included.

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