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St. Anthony of Padua

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Origin: Mexico
Artist: unknown
Material: oil paint, canvas, wood
Dimensions: 20in x 14in x 1in

This charming oil painting from the 19th century depicts St. Anthony of Padua wearing the brown habit of his Franciscan brotherhood.  In his arms he cradles a large holy text and the Christ Child, with a tall white lilly in his left hand.  The Christ Child clutches a blue orb with a white band around its center that leads up to a white cross.  This is intended to represent the Earth and God's protection.

The monk's ear and hands are painted in the very primitive style of an untrained artist (possibly the owner).  This painting was used for private devotion and most likely hung over a home altar.  Some of the canvas on the top is missing and there is a tear at the bottom edge where the canvas is stretched over its wooden frame.

St. Anthony is known mainly as the patron saint of lost articles and also of unmarried women seeking husbands. 


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