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Candelario Medrano Church

Price: Sold
Era: 20th century
Origin: Santa Cruz de las Huertas, Jalisco
Artist: Candelario Medrano
Condition: excellent
Dimensions: 30in x 13in x 9in

This ceramic church was made by the renowned Candelario Medrano, one of the top figural ceramists in Mexico.  He lived in Santa Cruz de las Huertas in the state of Jalisco, one of the largest pottery-producing states in Mexico.  Medrano is known for his whimsical castles, bandstands, churches, slim apartment buildings, circus tents, arks, animals, naguales, owls, boats, trains, buses, taxis, cars and airplanes.  He would populate some of these pieces with groups of happy people oftentimes bearing very expressive faces. 

The church is made of polychromed clay, which was hand-modeled and mold-made.  After firing, the pieces were painted with blue, yellow, green, and red esmalte (poster paint).  His exciting color juxtapositions made each of his pieces unique.  The church features a blue sanctuary with elaborate painting detail in white.  A steeple with a wire cross sits atop a second-floor tower room; a figure of the cross residing within the interior.  Six figures involved in worship are joined by two angels and two crosses at an altar for the Virgin of Guadalupe.  The figures were press molded around a wire and suspended through holes in the clay.  A very unique series of clay spheres and cones adorn the rooftops of each floor. 

The church was a common theme in the work of Candelario Medrano and this is a premier example.   Medrano is now deceased, but several of his relatives continue working in his style.   Apart from a few small cracks on one of the four edges of the church, the piece is in excellent condition.

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