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Ceramic Rooster by the Ortega Family

Price: $400.00
Era: 1960s-1980s
Origin: Santa Cruz de las Huertas, Jalisco
Artist: Ortega Family
Condition: excellent
Dimensions: 16in x 11in x 7in

This charming ceramic rooster was made by the Ortega family who live in the village of Santa Cruz de las Huertas in the state of Jalisco, one of the largest pottery-producing states in Mexico.  This same village is where the renowned Medrano family are from.   The Ortegas come from a long line of folk artists as well and some of their pieces have similarities to the Medrano pieces.  The main difference is in their painting styles such as can be seen on the the tail feathers of the rooster. 

The rooster is a light green color, standing upright on an orange base.  Fantastical designs of red and white run down the back and along the breast of the rooster, and an orange tongue pokes through an open yellow beak.  The tail feathers are truly unique on this piece and feature a symmetrical design of red and yellow with light and dark blues.  This fun piece would be a welcome addition to any collector of Mexican folk art pottery or rooster figures. 

Painted roosters are a common theme in the work of the Ortega family as seen in this prime example offered here. He is in very good condition with only a small crack running along its belly. 

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