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Candelario Medrano Dance Hall - Very Unique

Price: $1,100.00
Origin: Santa Cruz de las Huertas
Artist: Candelario Medrano
Material: clay, paint, metal wire
Dimensions: 15in x 21in x 17in

This ceramic building is rectangular in shape, with cactus adorning the front entrance and was sculpted by the renowned Candelario Medrano from Santa Cruz de las Huertas. This building is reminiscent of a typical Candelario Medrano piece, though it is single story, which is both odd and unique. The top is painted and there are small figures standing on the roof dancing, so it is evident that the piece is completed, though it feels unfinished. Candelario Medrano is known for his multi-story buildings, vibrantly colored and glazed. This building may have begun similarly, though not sticking to his usual style, Medrano never built any additional levels.

This building is in very good condition, as shown by the photos.

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