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Seven Devils on a Train

Price: $650.00
Era: late 20th century
Origin: Ocumicho, Michaocán
Artist: unknown
Condition: excellent
Material: clay, paint, glaze
Dimensions: 26in x 13in x 8in

Ocumicho was at one time a very remote mountain village in Michoacán with a medieval Roman Catholic world view.  In medieval teachings the number seven was very important.  There were: The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Seven Liberal Arts, the Seven Sacraments, the Seven Virtues, the Seven Graces, the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin and the Seven Deadly Sins.  In the themes of the European artists which became ingrained in Roman Catholics everywhere, the seven deadly sins were paired with a demon who would then tempt the sinner.  Lucifer was paired with pride, Mammon was paired with greed, Asmodeus was paired with lust, Leviathan was paired with envy, Beelzebub with gluttony, Satan with anger and Belphegor with sloth.  In the Ocumicho imagery the number seven is often depicted in conjunction with devils such as these mischievous ones riding on a locomotive.  Two devils have hands that have been repaired.     

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