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Candelario Medrano Church with Two-Steeples

Price: $500.00
Origin: Santa Cruz de las Huertas, Jalisco
Artist: Candelario Medrano
Material: clay, paint, metal
Dimensions: 28in x 11in x 7in

This church by Candelario Medrano features two tall towers with steeples and crosses on the top of each one.  The towers are joined by a small arch on the roof.   There is one main room on the ground level and three additional stories of small rooms running up each tower.    The church is painted red, blue, green, and yellow, with black accent.   Medrano was a master of color and this piece is no exception. 

Six figures stand throughout the space: a few on each floor.  The figures are suspended by wire which connects through holes in the clay.  Each have uniquely painted clothes.

This church is in good condition and makes a wonderful addition to any collection of ceramics by Candelario Medrano or other Mexican folk arts.  The piece is considered to be an earlier work of Medrano, and thusly the clay and paint are cracked in several places and the level of finish is more raw than in later works.

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