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Bull Ring by Candelario Medrano

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Origin: Santa Cruz de las Huertas, Jalisco
Artist: Candelario Medrano
Dimensions: 12in x 12in x 12in

This Candelario Medrano piece is a very unique bull-fighting scene featuring a bull ring complete with audience and musicians.  A crowd of twenty figures are suspended by wires throughout the bleachers of the bullring.  Standing above, on a two-tiered tower, is a six-piece band with horns, cymbals and drums. The bass drum features the text "BANDA FELIX PADILLA" printed on the side. In the center of the bull ring, the bull fighter, or torero, subdues a bull using a red cape with "HOLE TORITO" printed in black text. The scene utilizes Medrano's variations on primary colors:  yellow, red, green, blue, and black for accent.

This charming bull ring is a wonderful example of the creative and colorful work of the famed Candelario Medrano.

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