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Candelario Medrano

Airplane by Candelario Medrano
Boat by Candelario Medrano
Bull Ring by Candelario Medrano
Candelario Medrano Church
Candelario Medrano Church with Two-Steeples
Candelario Medrano Dance Hall - Very Unique
Ceramic Boat by Rocendo Rodriguez
Ceramic Rooster by the Ortega Family
Nagual by Candelario Medrano
Tower by Candelario Medrano
The renowned Candelario Medrano (1918-1986) was one of the top figural ceramists in Mexico. He lived in Santa Cruz de las Huertas in the state of Jalisco, one of the largest pottery-producing states in Mexico.  As the adopted son of Julian Acero, the top ceramic toy maker in the village, Medrano learned to create his highly individualized pieces.  As many of the other people in the village Medrano produced sewer pipes for years before turning his imagination to the creation of whimsical castles, bandstands, churches, slim apartment buildings, circus tents, arks, owls,

animals, boats, trains, buses, taxis, cars and airplanes. Some of these pieces would be populated with groups of happy people, oftentimes with very expressive faces.  Another unique expression was the production of his nagual who was dual in nature.  He was your animal protective spirit or the boogie man. All of these were painted in wonderfully bright colors.  Medrano still remains a celebrated master of folk ceramics and his work continues to be collected around the world..

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